Online Lessons

Can online piano lessons be effective? Of course, they can! E-learning is developing faster and faster in recent years. This form of class is chosen by schools and individual teachers alike. Many think it to be the future of education, so it might be a good time to adapt.

My impression from implementing piano lessons online are positive. The classes held this way are not only just as pleasant but also as effective as their offline counterpart. Students’ smartphones aimed at their hands allow me to see everything just as well, if not better. Offline, I see them from one side, and a greater distance than from an angle provided via a camera on their phone. Some of my students cannot really see the difference between online and face-to-face lessons and declare they want their class to stay online, eliminating the need for commuting.

Online piano lessons – technical information

First online meeting is free of charge. We get to know one another, discuss your expectations, I present you my piano teaching methods. more

To have an online piano lesson you need:

A musical instrument – if you do not have one, together we can think on how to have it delivered to you. This does not need to be the final instrument of yours, a second-hand keyboard for PLN 200 should be enough for starters. Once you feel the need, I will gladly help you in finding the best instrument for you.

A smartphone with Skype or Messenger app. You then need to direct your camera in such a way that I can see your hands from above, from as close as possible. This can be achieved in different ways. The best is using a tripod or a selfie stick. You can also place your phone on a higher chest of drawers or even an ironing board. The ends justify the means.

Online piano lesson

Online piano lessons are not different from the offline lessons at all. We start with warming up your fingers to form good habits and then we can start working on music. You will make notes, where you write down my suggestions and remarks. This may help you while working on your own. There is no secret to learning the piano that cannot be conveyed online and my suggestions are always effective.

Who are the online piano lessons for

Everyone! It does not matter where you live, how old, advanced or talented you are! more

I teach children and adults. Regardless of age, sometimes my students have so called “stiff hand”. More work is then required at the beginning, but additional exercise and persistence help eliminate this problem.

My online piano lessons are meant for beginners and advanced learners alike. They can take place once or twice a week or as one-off tutoring session for those who like to work on their own.

My students’ opinion on online piano lessons

I am proud of such a warm reception of my online lessons. Thanks for all the nice words from the greatest students. If you want to read the opinions on online lessons, click more –more


We have been working with Kamil for almost a year now. We have successfully merged technical exercises with learning interesting pieces which I like. The whole class is tailored to my needs and scope I need. We also meet online; these lessons allow me to realise the full programme (as far as the effects go) and they are not different to traditional lessons at all.



I would like to thank Kamil for his patience, understanding and individual approach to the student. You are a teacher worth full recommendation. You know how to introduce a student to a world of music in a short period of time and prepare them for public performance. Finally, I can fully recommend online lessons, as I see no difference to the offline ones.



I have just only started my online piano lessons with Kamil but I can recommend him wholeheartedly already. First, he listened closely to what I said I needed, then presented an action plan and the most important topics. The lessons are very professional, and Kamil’s approach make you feel natural. I use online lessons, which I find to be the better option since I can learn effectively without the necessity to leave home.



I was skeptical on online lessons thing, but when coronavirus came, I had no choice. I discovered there are no differences to offline learning, they are just as effective and there is no time spent on travel. I recommend this to anyone who cannot attend traditional lessons.



I have been Kamil’s student for 3 years now and thanks to his individual approach, the teaching process was smooth and easy. It would be awfully hard to find a nicer, more patient and better educated teacher. I recommend the studio and online lessons.



I have been attending Kamil’s lessons for 2 years and am happy with his teaching methods. Today we had our second Skype lesson and I must admit it turned out to go very well. It is mainly a matter of setting your camera at a right angle. We have the notes, we can hear one another perfectly, so there is no barrier. Well, maybe Kami has a fancier piano than myself 😊

The class is sometimes intensive but always friendly – I would never find such discipline on my own, to play a fragment so thoroughly to learn it effectively (tempo, division into fragments, counting etc.)

Kamil teaches you on how to teach yourself. He controls your progress and helps overcome even the hardest parts of a piece. He always knows how to find a way for my limitations – and here I think he excels as an experienced tutor.



Kamil is a solid, positive teacher. We communicate well, the cooperation is just what I expected. The character of my job unables me to set a regular time for lessons – Kamil was able to cope with that, he offered me online lessons, which I really like. He inspired me to love music, sends me new notes.



Kamil is a professional music teacher with a unique, individual approach to a student, which is a rare thing. The class is adjusted to the student and the possibility to learn online is very convenient and does not hamper the quality of the class at all!