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Private piano lessons, harmony, ear training, video clip recording with my students etc. These are only few of the things I deal with. But the most important thing I have to say to you is, my dear reader, that I put passion and love in what I do. My students are the world of mine, my greatest inspiration. As a result of thousands of lessons delivered, I amassed a great load of wisdom and experience from those all great persons whom I met as a teacher. Today I have the occasion share my experience again.
I encourage yoy to get aquianted with this page, I am certain it will be interesting for beginners and advanced musicians alike. In the link below, you can find a clip of one of my students whom I taught from the basics:

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Lessons for children

Working with children must be done responsibly. The most important task is adjusting the teaching style to individual needs and age of a child so the love for music is imbued. I hold musical classes even for 5-year olds. I also teach older children and youth

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Lessons for adults

Starting to learn piano makes a great challenge. Playing a piano seems difficult, but when you know how to do it, you can achieve things you imagined impossible with ease. The best recommendation of what I can do are the recordings of my students

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Online lessons

Some of my students have completely swapped offline to online lessons. This proves such form of learning is effective. I have held hundreds of classes in this form. I also run online lessons for people who have just started to learn music. It is also a chance for all self-taught students, who seek one-off consultation, regardless of where they live

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Turalski Studio is not only piano lessons

video clips

At Turalski Studio you can record your own clip. This is an additional offer, one that everybody can take. The recording may have various forms: solo piano or playing along other instruments. I can create an arrangement tailored for specific piece. Sometimes for that piece to be interesting and sound professional, a simple string ensemble is enough. Recording your own clip is a great adventure, and a one I really enjoy!.

Recordings of my students

Movies recorded with students during a piano lesson


If you are looking for a teacher who will treat you individually, who will listen to your expectations first – look no further. I have started my lessons with Kamil 3 years ago and am happy (…). Thanks to Kamil, one simply wants to learn this difficult art (…), and above all, it is done in a very pleasant atmosphere with lots of humour. I love it.

Agnieszka Gawin

An individual approach to an adult student, great knowledge and patience. I can see great effects unachievable on my own, even after a short period of time. A very professional studio.


I can recommend Kamil to anyone. He taught me classical harmony. I view him as a teacher with great musical knowledge, who at the same time is nice and professional. He managed to lay down the rules to harmony and proper DAW usage, in an understandable and easy to comprehend manner and in a way no other teacher has done before.


Kamil teaches me to play piano. I have started my classes in January 2014 and can recommend Kamil as a good teacher/coach. The lessons are held in a pleasant, calm manner and not only is the tempo adjusted to student’s capabilities but also to the time the student can devote to music (…). Thanks to Kamil, the progress will always be noticeable… audible.


Very cool and interesting composition class.
Thanks to Mr. Kamil I have passed exams into second grade piano music school.

Martin P.

I have been creating music for 10 years now, mainly electronical. Until now, I created music by learning by mistakes using my ear as a judge. I then enrolled for lessons with Kamil, thanks to which I now can not only play a few pieces on a piano, which I could not do before, but also have learned the secrets to music theory. No learning from my own mistakes ever again, I know now what I am doing. Thank you!


I can recommend Kamil to everyone. The lessons held in his private studio are professional and – most importantly – remarkably interesting! Online lessons are also worth your time. I have always dreamt to play an instrument but procrastinated, did not believe it to achievable. If you had had the same – try and learn that there is no such thing as too late for new accomplishments!


I am happy to say that online lessons do not differ from the offline and the time for commuting is saved. I can play on my instrument which is very pleasant for me.


I very much recommend online piano lessons! I sent a recording of how I play. I got professional feedback and suggestions. Then we discussed on which pieces I should exercise. Splendid!



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